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Many libraries were added to AIR 2.5 with a specific focus on mobile development. We will cover all of them in detail to come. Here is a list of the new functionality and APIs,  which they are discussed:

Call Me, Text Me

  • AIR application debugging on Android
  • Simulation on the desktop
  • URI schemes to invoke native Android applications

Permissions, Certificates, and Installation

  • Application icons
  • Certificate validity
  • Application permissions
  • Application versioning

Evaluating Device Capabilities and Handling Multiple Devices

  • Screen orientation API
  • System idle detection and overwrite
  • New soft keys to register for keyboard events on the Android device
  • Virtual keyboard

Multitouch Technology

  • Gestures
  • Multitouch capability


  • Accelerometer


  • Access to the device’s camera application
  • Access to the device’s media library


  • Geolocation

Microphone and Audio

  • Access to the device’s microphone


  • Camera video capture


  • StageWebView, used to render HTML content inside mobile AIR applications
  • NetworkInfo

Hardware Acceleration

  • OpenGL ES 2 and hardware acceleration

Functionalities Not Yet Supported

Some features are not yet supported in AIR at the time of this writing, while others may not be planned as part of future releases. For instance, some APIs and features that are missing from AIR include those for activating the phone’s vibrate function via AIR, accessing the native Android contact list, creating Android intents, messaging to the status/notification bar, enabling one AIR application to open another, and creating widgets.

If you would like a specific feature added to AIR, send a request to Adobe at

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