Nikon D7000 Shutter Delay Options

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Exposure Delay mode—This is a landscape photographer’s dream. It’s a great feature to activate if you don’t have a remote or cable release for your camera. We all know that movement is bad when taking long exposures. This feature delays the shutter for one second after the shutter release button has been pressed. But what makes it even cooler is that it only works when your camera is in Mirror Lock-up. I love this feature because otherwise I would need to use a self-timer, but the problem with a self-timer is that it’s designed around getting people in front of the camera, so the shortest delay is still longer than I need when taking landscape shots. Exposure Delay is better than using the timer because there isn’t such a long delay, but it achieves the same function as a cable release.

Exposure Delay mode (continued)

  1. Menu
  2. Custom Setting menu
  3. D Shooting/Display
  4. D11 Exposure Delay Mode
    1. Select On

Self-Timer Mode

  1. Menu
  2. Custom Setting Menu
  3. C Timers/AE Lock
  4. C3 Self-Timer
    1. Self-Timer Delay (select from 2 to 20 seconds)


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