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Other Potential Link Strategies

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Another strategy for finding potential link sites is to visit the many different search engines and do a search on keywords you feel people would search on if they were looking for your site. The top results get a lot of visits from your target market, so they are always good potential link sites.

The following is a step-by-step strategy to get linked from these sites:

  1. Make a list of your most important keywords for your Web site using
    your master keyword list and meta-tags
  2. Develop a list of the top search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask).
  3. Go to each of the search engines and input your most important keywords as identified in step 1.
  4. Copy and paste the top 30 results into a Word, Notepad, or other file that you can access later.
  5. Enter the next keyword and copy and paste the results into the same Word, Notepad, or other file, adding to your list of potential link sites.
  6. Repeat step 5 until you have used all the keywords in your list. When this is done, you will have 150 potential sites for each keyword. You now have your potential link sites list.
  7. Now develop a link request (see the next section for details) and keep it open on your desktop so that you can copy and paste it into an email when you find a site you’d like to have a link from.
  8. As stated previously, visit every one of the potential link sites to determine whether the site is appropriate for you to be linked from. If so, send your link request. If the site is not appropriate for whatever reason, delete it from your list. Also delete duplicates. When you get to the bottom of your list, it has changed from a potential links list to a request links list.
  9. Again, as already stated, follow through and follow up. Follow through and provide an appropriate link to those who agree to a reciprocal link. Follow up to make sure that they provide the link to your site as promised, that the link works, and that it is pointing to the correct page on your site.
  10. Submit the Internet address of the page that has provided the link to the popular search engines so that they know it’s there. This will help boost your link popularity scores.
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