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If you have multiple student loans that you want to pay off quickly student loan debt consolidation just may be the answer you are looking for. Student loans are practically unavoidable and most students, when they graduate, are burdened with huge student loan payments. It can be daunting to receive several bills each month. Student loan debt consolidation is a proven method that eases the burden of multiple loans and allows you to easily make payments.There are many benefits from student loan consolidation. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that when you consolidate your loans you will have one easy monthly payment. Many times this payment comes with a lower interest rate. This of course is very beneficial when you are looking to pay back your loans as quick as possible.There are two types of consolidated loans available. The first is government funded and available if you have federal student loans. It is a great program for those that qualify. There are no fees or early pay back penalties.The second type is a privately funded consolidated loan. If you do not have federal loans you will have to search around to private lending institutions to find a program that is right for you. You should always comparison shop to make sure you are getting a good deal.Once your student debt consolidation is complete there are some easy things you can do to pay it off quickly. First, avoid making unnecessary purchases. This can be very tempting. However, if you are serious about paying back your loans at a fast pace, completely necessary. Also make sure you are paying above and beyond the monthly minimum payment. The more you pay each month the sooner your loan will disappear. Many will double or triple their monthly payment to make this happen. Another idea is to use work bonuses and income tax returns to help pay off your loan faster.As you can see student debt consolidation can be the first step in paying off your student loans quickly and easily. It allows you to have one easy monthly payment. Just make sure you are paying as much on the loan each month as you possibly can, and your debt will begin to dwindle.

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