Photography Business Marketing Tips – Creating Limited Offers

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Learning how to use the “Limited Offer” or just the word “Limited” in your Photography Business Marketing can make a huge difference.You can be the best photographer in the world, but if your marketing stinks, you’re pretty much out of business. You need to constantly focus on testing and improving your marketing forever.I want to show you a very effective technique that small businesses don’t often use. This can be done over and over again creating a snowball effect that will continue to grow for years.Using Limited Sessions Or Limited Time Offers:When using these limits in your photography business, it will create what we call (Scarcity) in the marketing world. This will help get people to Take Action and schedule their appointment or buy those extra prints for more profits.This has been practiced by every successful business and it works. Why is “Black Friday” the biggest shopping day of the year? Because we’ve been trained through marketing that it’s the biggest shopping day.Why can a store offer these special prices from 5AM until 10AM? They create the specials and remove them at 10AM. The specials don’t just disappear, they are removed by the company that created them. They make up the rules.So now you might be asking ” How can you add this to your photography business marketing”?Here’s one example that will show you the potential.Offer a special theme day for your studio that you’re only having on a certain weekend. Your studio has 15 limited spots available for this special weekend and once they’re gone…they’re gone.You should start advertising this at least 30 days before the event, so you can build up the excitement and sell out your 15 spots.The most effective way to market this strategy is through email marketing. This way you can send out the announcement 30 days before the event. Then you should email again 2 times per week letting everyone know about the event. Most importantly, you want to email them when and if it Sells Out.This is very important because now you’re training your prospects and customers for the next event. If they waited until the last minute for this event and then were told it was sold out, they’ll call earlier next time.You will find that the more events you have like this that sell out, the faster you will book up at the next event. Remember, your training your list just like we’ve been trained about Black Friday.I want to finish by saying that you always want to be honest and upfront and give a reason why it’s limited. In this case, you can only take 15 appointments in 2 days. They are spaced 1 hour apart for their convenience and because you like to allow plenty of studio time for each client’s sitting.Be creative and learn to love marketing your photography business and the rewards will be endless.Happy Shooting!:-)

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