Police Detectives And Private Investigators

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Considering the unbelievable success private eyes have had over the years, it is strange that they haven’t been utilized by more different outfits. Here, I will argue that police detectives should use them more often to help aid in cases.Many police stations are overwhelmed and understaffed. State budget cuts have made it difficult for them to carry out their tasks with less man power. This can have terrible effects for the public has some crimes go uninvestigated or poorly investigated. Furthermore, this sapping of resources can also lead to less police officer on the streets as more and more are forced to take on the responsibilities of other agencies.Why is it then that police agencies don’t use private investigators to aid in conducting criminal searches? After all, private investigators are professionals with a high degree of experience when it comes to investigating cases. Many lawyers, indeed, have used them to help with their cases so why can’t police departments as well.Using private eyes would have other beneficial effects as well. It would allow other police officers to focus their concentration on other tasks such s protecting the streets from violent criminals. They can spend more time focused on keeping drugs off of the streets. It is not as if private investigators are incapable of carrying out the task, rather, they in many ways are more qualified then many police officers with little experience in detective work.Using private yes would greatly free up police resources to deter other crimes, while saving money in the process.

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