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Providing Articles and News Releases to E-zines

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Besides advertising, a number of other marketing opportunities can be explored with e-zines. Once you have found the e-zines that cater to your target market, these e-zines could be fruitful recipients for your news releases. You might be able to incorporate information on your organization, your products, or your services in an interesting article that would fit the editor’s guidelines.

There are many e-zines looking for great content. If you can write articles that provide great content for their readers and at the same time provide a little exposure for your organization, it’s a real win-win situation. You’ll want to target those e-zines that have the same target market you do and have a broad subscriber base. You’ll want to make sure the e-zine includes a resource box at the end of the article crediting you as the author and providing a hyperlink to your Web site or your email address. Having articles published enhances your reputation as an expert, and people like to do business with people who are experts in their field. You might see if you can be a contributing editor or have
a regular column or feature in their e-zine.

Besides sending your articles directly to targeted e-zines, you can also submit them to “article banks” online. Article banks are online resource sites for e-zine publishers. E-zine publishers search through these banks for appropriate articles for their e-zine and, if they use one, they include the resource box of the author.


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