Rationale for Encouraging Repeat Visits

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Just as you would want customers to visit your business frequently, so too online you want present and potential customers to visit often. The more often people visit your site, the more likely they are to purchase something. You
want to ensure that the techniques you use to get repeat traffic are appropriate for your target market. For example, if you were having a contest on your site targeted toward children, you would not want to give away a bread-maker as the prize. That would be fine, however, if your target market was families or homemakers. You want to offer something of interest to the market you are targeting. If your target market is gardeners, then a free half-hour landscaping session or free flower bulbs might work.

I am a big proponent of leveraging everything you do for maximum marketing results. Almost every repeat-traffic generator provides an opportunity for permission marketing and also for viral marketing. Make sure you review the
repeat-traffic generators you use on your site and incorporate the appropriate permission and viral marketing elements.

The more often a person visits your site:

  • The more your brand is reinforced
  • The more your target market feels a part of your community (and people do business with people they know and trust)
  • The more likely they are to give you permission to stay in touch
  • The more likely they are to tell others about you, your products, and your services
  • The more likely you will be first in mind when they decide to buy.

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