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Storing Filter Data

The Tailspin Surveys service stores filter data in Windows Azure table storage. It uses one table to store the...

Debt Consolidation Loans – Unsecured, No Collaterals

Once you hit a point where your debt becomes so massive that you can no longer pay all of...

Will There Be A Business “Black Friday”?

In the retail world, "Black Friday" has become something of an American institution, opening the floodgates to what shops...

In a document titled “Application Design Goals,” Google provides objectives with three areas of focus: performance, responsiveness, and seamlessness. It also provides a short list of recommendations: don’t drop data, don’t interrupt the user, design your UI to work with multiple screen resolutions, assume the network is slow, don’t assume the touchscreen or keyboard exists (i.e., write logic to detect them), and conserve the device’s battery. Even though this document is targeted at Android development, it is insightful to ActionScript developers as well. Read it at guide/practices/design/index.html.

Adobe offers a white paper titled “Optimizing Performance for the Flash Platform” with a special focus on mobile. It is a 90-page document with practical topics and code snippets. You can read it as a PDF document or online, at as3/mobile/index.html.

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