San Diego and Los Angeles – 2 of the Most Interesting Places to Visit in Southern California

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If you ever have the time, take a road trip down to Southern California and head to San Diego. This city is one of the best kept secrets in California. Modest in so many ways, the city is warm in the day and cool in the evenings. Some of the best seaside restaurants are located just a short drive away from the city. Enjoy in the al fresco dining but if you are driving, take a modest approach in your alcohol intake. San Diego enjoys a relatively low crime rate and DUI incident related cases because of its strict laws. Being arrested for DUI here may lead you to hire a dui attorney from San Diego because of the intricate nature of handling DUI cases. For one, you will need a local DUI attorney to handle the initial hearing of your case at the Department of Motor Vehicle office where a case officer will review your case to see if it is suitable for trial at the local courts. Hopefully, your case may be thrown out and you would not need to go any further. If you enjoy the sea and fancy yourself for a cruise on a yacht or a sail boat, this is also the place to go where the price to rent such items are reasonable and relatively inexpensive. San Diego is also the gateway to the border to Tijuana Mexico which is an interesting place to visit, especially with friends who like to party and enjoy the La Vida Loca, Mexican Style.Another interesting place to visit in Southern California is Los Angeles. The city of the stars as it is home to so many film studios. If you plan ahead of time, you may even get to watch a taping of one of the many shows taped there. It is also a place for families to enjoy rides at so many of the amusement parks in the county. There is of course Disneyland and Magic Mountain and the ever popular Universal Studios which has some of the best movie and television theme rides available. If you are privy to the beach life, then go visit Santa Monica Beach or Venice Beach, both of which are popular spots for their respective reasons. Santa Monica has a great nightlife atmosphere with its boardwalk filled with restaurants, grills, art galleries and bars. Venice Beach introduces you to the many different characters present during the day time. These are just some of the places of interest in Southern California. The internet has made more information about this area available to those who can navigate through the web. Go ahead and plan your next visit to Southern California.

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