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Save Your House With Obama’s Home Refinance Stimulus Plan

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Every now and then we hear about companies being shut down, people are facing either job loss or are going through salary deductions or compulsory holidays and so on. This recession has actually left almost everyone’s life shattered. Seeing all this the present government has issued an economic stimulus plan that is designed in such a manner that is going to help people of all sectors and gradually help the country’s economy to come up too. This is popularly know as Obama’s home refinance stimulus plan and due to this plan, President Obama has made his motto to provide affordable home to all the citizens of America.If you are one of those homeowners who are living under the threat of losing their houses because they could not repay their monthly installments in past few months, you must not worry now. This home refinance stimulus plan issued by the present government has options that would help the homeowners in many aspects. One can avail the appropriate program considering his financial condition and the status of his home loan. There are provisions for people who have not repaid their home loans for past few months, have received foreclosure notice, are on the verge of foreclosure, facing temporary financial crunch, need more help as their source of income is stopped right now and so on so forth.Obama’s home refinance stimulus plan is intended to help every citizen of America and for this different programs are designed to help people trapped in different financial conditions. The first option under this plan is home affordable refinance plan, which is very straightforward in its requirements for qualification and doesn’t take much time to get finalized.For this plan, the homeowners should have his home mortgage loan from one of the two leading lending institutions of the country and they are Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. If your lender for the home loan is any of the two, you will be immediately qualified for this plan and will get the advantage of refinancing of your loan and thus save your house and family from hardship. The only other thing needed is that you must occupy the house i.e., it should be your primary address.The second option under this plan is home loan modification program and to qualify for this you need to meet certain requirements of your lender.

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