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Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), or the life cycle of software systems engineering, are information systems and software design, create or modify the models, systems and methods that people in these systems. The term usually refers to computers or software for the design of the fundamental concepts of SDLC a wide range of software development methods information.In. These methods provide a framework for planning and management information systems development: the process of software development life cycle development.Systems (SDLC) is the process by which the system analyst, computer systems, including requirements, validation, development , and training users (stakeholders) with the property. Each SDLC should be in a high quality system that meets or exceeds customer expectations time and cost estimates, works effectively to current and future IT infrastructure and is cheap to maintain and run to pay for the strengthening of systems. Computers are complex and often every business analyst (especially in recent times, Service Oriented Architecture) to combine different traditional systems supplied by different manufacturers. To overcome this problem, the complexity to solve the many SDLC models or methods, the “Cascade”, “thread”, agile, rapid prototyping, “primary” and “sync and stabilize”. SDLC models describe the spectrum of agile iterative sequence. Agile methods like Scrum and XP on simple processes that require rapid changes in focus during the development cycle. Iterative as the Rational Unified Process and dynamic approach to systems development that focuses on project scope and to develop or improve products, a number of iterations. Series and a good start (BDUF) as waterfall model, and focus on proper planning of major projects and the risk of running a successful and predictable [edit]. To other models, such as anamorphic development focus on one type of development that adaptation.Project by the properties and project management a project life cycle (PLC) and define the SDLC is driven, in which a number of different functions. According to Taylor (2004) “Life cycle of the project, including the entire development cycle of a project for the needs analysis system product.Systems AnalysisThe target was developed is to determine the cause of the problem, try to solve the system. This step is breaking in various parts of the system and to analyze, analyze the project goals, what to do and try to user specific requirements can be determined by the analysis of the tower. Needs sometimes necessary person or group of components and services for customers to determine the precise and detailed, often requires a lot of communication and understanding of these requirements. The collection is the most important requirements, lack of communication in this phase, which are about errors and error messages software.Design validation of the technical features and functions in detail, including the rules for companies to monitor projects, process diagrams and other documents has created. As a result, at this stage of the new system are described by modules or design takes as input the original documents subsystems.The admission by a number. Any request that one or more components of the project as a result describing the interviews and seminars, and / or components efforts.Design a prototype software features you want in detail and in general a functional hierarchy diagrams, graphics, screen- design, fittings business rules, business process diagrams, pseudo code, a complete entity-relationship diagram of a complete data dictionary. These design elements intended to use the software in enough detail that the developers can use the software for a small additional investment in the preparation of description.Test code at various levels of software testing has been tested. Unit testing and acceptance of the system are common. This gray area that so many different opinions, the final test, and the amount, if it happens every iteration. Iteration is a commonly used model Cascade, but it usually happens at the moment. Now we understand how important it is for business analysts to know the entire software life cycle that is .


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