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Spokane Washington’s weather condition is clearly affected by its location. The place is located in the Northwestern part of United States in the state of Washington, specifically on the Spokane River in the Eastern Washington. It lies between the Cascade Mountains to the west and Rocky Mountains to the east and north which protects the city from the hazards of the weather in other portions of the Pacific Northwest. Moreover, the Rocky Mountains safeguards the place from the most terrible effects of Artic winter. The Rocky Mountains also shield Spokane from the winter season’s cold air masses traveling southward across Canada, sparing the city from the worst effects of Arctic air in winter.The city experiences the four distinct seasons each year but over time and due to recent changes in global climate, drastic changes in weather patterns have occurred. Spokane’s climate is mild during summer when temperature is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and very cold during winter when temperature is around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.Spokane experiences an average annual precipitation which is a little less compared to Seattle’s. About half of the precipitation falls as snow which mostly happens during December, the time of the year when most precipitation occurs.December is here and Christmas time is getting closer and closer. Have you felt the coldness of the weather? Are you wearing layers and layer of clothing to wave-off the coldness? That’s how winter works. Because the earth is tilted, the rays of the sun hits the earth at a shallow angle thus the rays are more spread out than usual which makes penetration of heat difficult. Other than that, during winter time, there are longer nights but shorter days.Winter days are mostly cloudy and foggy with below freezing temperatures making the Spokane Washington weather cold. The annual snow fall is estimated to be 46 inches a year. So far, for December 2010, the lowest temperatures are ranging from 13 degrees Fahrenheit to 33 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest temperatures are ranging from 29 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees, making an average of 37 degrees F for the highest temperature and an average of 24 degrees F for the lowest temperature. To date, the recorded precipitation for December 2010 is 0.92 inches out of the expected 2.33 inches precipitation. As for the next seven days, that is December 11, 2010 to December 17, 2010, the highest temperature is expected to range from 32 degrees F to 45 degrees F and the lowest temperature is expected to range from 25 degrees F to 37 degrees F, with each day having a precipitation chance of 10% to 40%, except for December 12, 2010 which is expected to have the highest chance of precipitation – around 90%. The days would be normally cloudy and foggy especially in the morning with rain and snow more likely to occur in the afternoon and in the evening.Even if there are shifts of Spokane Washington’s whether throughout the year, it is always good to be ready always. Therefore, it is best to be prepared everyday!

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