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Hello everyone … Welcome to the wonderful world of Spore! Spore is a simulation game of life, published in 2008 that created by the genius of Will Wright.Spore simulation games, in my opinion, is more than just a game. It ‘s fantastic blend of a computer game, a scientific toy, a tool for creativity and a social tool, as will millions of friends around the world play It.You provides access to millions of players online creations and install your game, so get your little world populated by billions of different creations of other players! In Spore, you can imagine something and then bring some to life and play with him as you always want! yes, there is no end to the game .. You are the one! it ‘s your world. She made the creatures, buildings, vehicles, spaceships, even if you can design the planet and atmospheres.So, let ‘s have a closer look: The game consists of 5 steps :1-cell – Step One: You start the game as a single-celled organism, swimming in a prehistoric sea. In this phase you have to eat cells are smaller than you and not to cells that are larger than you ate at the same time. Theycan choose the carnivores (meat eaters), herbivores (eating fruits and vegetables) or omnivores (they eat both). If you earn more DNA points of cells that you can tell your partner (the female essence of your way) to eat the next generation of the cell to produce. this will give you the option of the cell editor, where you can improve your phone capabilities, such as swimming faster by fins, making it harder for the points, so that fires electric shocks or Poison when they attacked! After collecting enough DNA for the occasion, the second step, which develop :2-creature stage: the land of welcome Now you can leave the water and walk on the earth for the first time At this stage you need to make contacts! gain more DNA points. You can make friends with other creatures and form alliances, or you can attack and kill them eventually .. You decide! Each time you reach certain amount of DNA points you the ability to have members of your way as you follow a pack. They can attack together, socialize together .. DNA etc.After earn enough, your brain grows and you are more qualified. it ‘s time to make a tribeof their own race, and the first time in your history, you can now weapons and other useful things like fishing rods, torches, stone axes, spears … and stage 3-tribal much: Now that you are a leader of a tribe of their own race. Congratulations! But beware! There are other tribes scattered around the planet. some of them seem easy, while others are not. You can base your layout, the members of your tribe held. You can either search for food by animals begin to hunt or gather fruit trees. Food is the currency in the trunk of the milestone. You can buy tools, add more buildings, tribes other gift, and of course stopped by food.The main objective of the tribe of the scene is alive, all strains dominate, either peacefully donations and they become loyal allies or by war on them and whipping the surface of the planet! After the unification of all tribes under your command .. Their race is now dominated by the planet. but they were separated and no longer speak the same language .. Also compete against each other, they begin to take control resources and dominatethe world .. . Pressed Step civilization is in the starting blocks, the four stages of civilization: the civilization stage, you build an entire civilization, and your goal is to dominate the entire planet in which all the rival civilizations under your role. You can accomplish this as in the creature and control .. peacefully or aggressively.In this level, you can use construction vehicles land, air and water. and yet this thing is totally cards come You can use any vehicle that you have a very cute car editor which.You, many assembled parts such as tires, car bodies, chassis, weapons, cockpits, wings have boats … etc.If you ‘s going to dominate the world peace, use your social skills to make the vehicles of friends from other cultures and eventually turn them into loyal allies. or fair wage fierce battles with them on your land, air and sea, the massive firepower (They even have the option of super weapons like the gadget bomb and building ICBMs)! Once you have finished unites all civilizations in your role .. time, it ‘s looking at the sky think of this mysterious world far! .. be prepared to stop 5-space of the stage! Aha! so that he and managed to reach the space of the stage .. Congratulations! I think the room, Stage to be the beginning of the game, even if it is the last step. This step begins with an editor vessel known as “the publisher UFO ‘, where you can build your own spaceship! n ‘amazing? As in all previous steps, you have a publisher practice is associated with everything you play. UFO editor includes many parts such as engines, weapons mounted, lighting effects .. and having gathered enough credits, you can do better. You can buy upgrades such as interstellar drive (you do on longer routes traveling in space), power supplies (to increase to fuel your ship) wormhole (a tool that you can travel through the black holes as a shortcut through the large galaxy) live massive weapons (like the planet buster final, where the ability of a planet destroyed by one shot!), and many other steps you can tools.In social space for Search other alien races in your solar system or in other solar systems. some of them are still in creature stage or in the tribal areas. You can float around in your spaceship, they frighten, or take some of them as a fine specimenRemoval beam.But you can tell other intelligent life forms that wander the room, as you do. Now it’s the difference between the space of the stage and all the previous steps. Their main objective is to conquer the universe to search the planet sterile building settlements on them, gather resources and buy upgrades more and more allies or yourself. Make interstellar battles wage from planet to planet. You won ‘t believe me when I tell you that I play for 2 years and I ‘ m not able to finish it! The galaxy is super high .. There are millions of planets to visit .. Each planet has its own creatures, plants and crops. But the main objective of this phase is the center of the galaxy, which is a terrifying, mysterious alien race called the “Grox ” scope protected. believe me, it ‘s so hard to achieve this goal. but I finally did it! After reaching the center of the galaxy, you will find some fabulous prizes, including the staff of life is granted can create life from scratch .. You can make a dead planet into a barren life, filled with creatures turn contains the river, seas and oceans,and a living area atmosphere.And you’re there! .. They have a vast galaxy filled with millions of stars and planets, and have installed almost all the tools and updates in your spaceship .. you will feel free to do what you want! You can move to another planet .. You explore the remote, mysterious solar systems .. You explore planets and scan the new forms of life and kidnap you and use it as a template for another planet to inhabit. You can miss with the mountains and hills rising dig planets, rivers and seas, temperature increase or decrease, .. even destroy an entire planet with your planet buster weapon .. but be careful. This can destroy your reputation in the galaxy, and you may lose your allies. worse, you can use many new words earn more enemies.Final Spore: an amazing software (not just call it a game) allow the user to feel as close to what he did (them ). it ‘s own creation, which led to his personality. it is passive all the time to act, designing creatures, buildings, clothing, vehicles, ships and even planets! he created the game itself! He created a captain within a unicellular organism? What performance! Spore allows thePlayers think of himself, his surroundings, his environment and the entire universe. I was really thinking about how tiny we are in the universe. and as we look to alien races (if they are real). I recommend this game for all games of strategy and city-building games like .. and I recommend it
for graphic designers, as design works great characters, texture and animate.

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