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STOOF International presents armoured SUV Trojan with certified maximum protection

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The “Trojan”, based on the Toyota LC 300, in resistance class VR9, from STOOF International, represents an absolute novelty with absolute maximum protection for civilian, military and police missions, usable as an armoured SUV and armoured limousine for quiet driving on all roads, light, medium as well as heavy terrain, reinforced with high-performance components on body, frame, suspension, wheels and brakes.

STOOF International armoured vehicles have strong steel plates, aramid, Window panes several centimetres thick, special chassis with special brakes, fire extinguishing systems, GPS tracking systems, wheels with run-flat systems, armoured tanks, protected exhaust systems, sirens, flashing lights as well as many other secret special features and are above all one thing: to protect the occupants.

Special protection vehicles are rolling fortresses and offer comprehensive protection against attacks. Bullets and shrapnel cannot penetrate the bodywork, but the occupants remain unharmed. STOOF armoured cars serve as a safe means of transport for politicians, kings and queens or high-ranking managers.

Stoff was founded in 1865 and is now in its 5th generation with 150 employees.

This vehicle is unique and unsurpassed in the world. With it, the company sets an unsurpassed standard. The new “Trojan” based on the Toyota LC 300 is a superlative security vehicle, luxury and security on wheels, which is currently without equal.

This vehicle is not only tested according to the civilian guidelines VPAM, but also according to the military standard STANAG 4569.

STOOF International, has built a successor model based on the Toyota LC 300 with the brand name “Trojan” in the company’s production halls in Borkheide, on an area of approx. 25,000 m², just under 50 km from the gates of the German capital Berlin, after the VPAM BRV and ERV version 3, also achieved certification with a blast at 2 metres with three out of three stars from the German Beschussamt, reflecting 150 years of experience in the construction of special vehicles.

STOOF International presents armoured SUV Trojan with certified maximum protection

Fred Stoof on this armoured maximum protection all-terrain vehicle: “When it comes to protecting human life, there is no room for error. We as STOOF International develop and produce our special vehicle protection solutions exclusively according to the guidelines of the VPAM (Association of Test Centres for Attack Resistant Materials and Construction) and the STANAG (Standardisation Agreement of the NATO Standards Office). We use certified ballistic materials for the armouring. During the weak point analysis, Stoof International’s experts pay attention to hinges, edges, weld seams and bondings. Beforehand, the armour plates and the armour glass installed in the vehicle are tested for bullet resistance in a separate material test.

The official testing and certification of our specially protected vehicles is carried out by the German government’s independent bulletproof office and stands for uncompromising security and occupant protection with its special certification procedure.”

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