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With this student federal loan consolidation FAQ section, you can get some answers to your questions that might often come to your mind while choosing the option of student debt consolidation.1. What is student federal consolidation of loans?It is a program under which, your multiple loans are converted to one single loan, which benefits you in paying to one lender instead of multiple lenders.2. Why should we choose federal debt consolidation for students?Choosing consolidation of loans cut down the interest amount, which was originally much higher than it is after consolidating the loan. With this, it also reduces the hassles of making many monthly payments.3. How do I consolidate the loan?Applying for federal debt consolidation is a very simple procedure. You can apply online, or download the application form, fill in and send it to us.4. Is there any kind of credit check done?This is a remarkable feature of debt consolidation that it does not require any credit history check. Therefore, no matter how bad or good your credit background had been in the past, you can still qualify for this loan.5. Are there any disadvantages of student loan consolidation?Although, there are many advantages of loan consolidation, but there is a disadvantage also, which states that your total interest cost is increased. Yes, making small monthly payments over a long time can increase the overall cost.6. Are there any provisions for cancellation of student consolidation?The consolidation application once processed cannot be cancelled, only if the application process is not completed then there are some chances of its cancellation.7. Am I eligible for debt consolidation?For availing the consolidation option, you must be a student borrower and your loans should be in grace, repayment, and deferment. In addition, if you are a parent borrower i.e. parents who want loans for the education of their child, you can also get the loan.8. Can my spouse and I consolidate loans?Spouse consolidation loans existed before, but are now no longer available.9. What loans are eligible for federal debt consolidation?Loans that possess one or more of the federal subsidized and unsubsidized loan, direct, subsidized and unsubsidized loan, Federal Perkins loans, Federal Nursing Student loans, Health education assistance loans etc.10. Are there any loans, which cannot be consolidated?Yes-private loans from banks, institutions, parents or any other such individuals cannot avail loan consolidation process.11. Is there any option of reconsolidation of loan?Yes, loans either new or old can be included for consolidation, if done within 180 days after the student loan consolidation is issued.If your life can be made easier by opting student federal loan consolidation program, then why not decide over it today!

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