Student Loan Consolidation – Consolidate Federal and Private Student Loans

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Student loan debt consolidation can be a blessing for college students all over. Going to college is a wonderful and exciting journey but the costs of student loans can really add up. It can be very beneficial for many students to take a look at student loan debt consolidation. This is a great way for you as a student to get a handle on your finances when you find that they are spiraling out of control with many student loans.When in college you have to worry about tuition, room and board not to mention books and regular daily expenses. Some students rely on credit cards to help them make ends meet but in the long run, this is only putting them further in debt. The loans can pile up and the monthly payments on these loans can take their toll on your wallet. If you go with student loan debt consolidation options to can free up some of your money and get yourself back on top of your money.When you do a student loan debt consolidation, you take all of the loan debts that you have and roll them into one easy monthly payment. The loan you get would pay off all of the student loans in one lumps sum, allowing you to have just one small monthly payment to worry about making. You will free up your money to help you better deal with regular monthly expenses. They key is in combining loans that were used expressly for education. You can always check with the financial advisor at your school to see what your options are exactly.By doing this type of consolidation, you actually save money in the end and you do not have the high interest rates piling up on many different loans. When you make the choice to consolidate your loans you will want to start by consolidating such loans as Federal Direct Loans, Federal FFELP, Parent PLUS, Stafford Loans and even Perkins loans. You will be able to refinance all of the non-federal loans that you have that is specifically for education.You will need to have a minimum total of $20,000 in federal student loans in order to be able to do a student loan debt consolidation. You cannot be in a default status on any of the loans. Some students find it hard to find work that will go around their school schedule so it is good to know that you do not have to be employed to consolidate. You also do not have to have any type of collateral to put up or a cosigner as you would for regular bank loans. If you feel that you would benefit from a student loan debt consolidation, then you will want to talk with a financial advisor.

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