Digital Mobile Terminals: Neta Auto Chairman Emphasizes NEVs as Key Players

The 16th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention in Thailand: Neta Auto Chairman Discusses Future of NEVs as Digital Mobile Terminals On June 25, Thailand hosted the highly anticipated 16th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, attracting a gathering of over 3,000 Chinese entrepreneurs...

Chinese Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Boosts Electric Scooter Promotion in Thailand

UNEP's "Electric Scooters as Motorcycle-Taxi" Project Launches in Bangkok with Support from Chinese Company On June 23, a morning ceremony took place in Bangkok, Thailand, to inaugurate the "electric scooters as motorcycle-taxi" project, initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme...
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Revolutionizing Green Logistics: NX Logistics Thailand Rolls Out Its Premier Electric Truck

NX Logistics Thailand, a subsidiary of the global NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS, INC., marks a significant stride in eco-friendly transportation...
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