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Digital Mobile Terminals: Neta Auto Chairman Emphasizes NEVs as Key Players

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The 16th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention in Thailand: Neta Auto Chairman Discusses Future of NEVs as Digital Mobile Terminals

On June 25, Thailand hosted the highly anticipated 16th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, attracting a gathering of over 3,000 Chinese entrepreneurs from around the globe. Among the distinguished attendees was Fang Yunzhou, the esteemed founder and chairman of Neta Auto, who was invited to the event as a prominent representative of Chinese NEV entrepreneurs. During his engaging speech titled “New Energy Vehicles: Digital Mobile Terminals For The Future,” Fang Yunzhou not only shared his valuable insights but also explored innovative development patterns within the EV industry, aiming to drive the industry towards a path of high-quality growth.

With over-two-decade technological R&D in this area, Fang said NEVs can be regarded as an access to the fusion of the Information Internet, Energy Internet, and Vehicle Internet. They serve as the ideal platform for the interconnection of all things, and will profoundly impact the future of transportation, lifestyle, and society, as well as energy, environment, and technology. This innovation and development will drive and lead future industries and products.

Fang said NEVs have to go through long-term technological transformation and ecosystem-based evolution of social traffic before becoming digital mobile terminals. There will be two development phases, with one being divided into electrification, Internet-based connection and intelligentization, and the other consisting of intelligentization, energy regeneration and ecologization.

Fang also regarded NEVs as a promising segment, which will maintain fast growth from 2020 to 2050 empowered by new technological revolutions, and cover a wide range of links including raw materials, chips, software, algorithms, super-computing centers, parts and components, assemblies, supply chain, vehicle industry, service system, user community, financial services, and battery recycling. Meanwhile, a new ecosystem, consisting of smart travel, energies and cities, will take shape based on digital mobile terminals, which will bring people smart life.

Neta Auto, a Chinese intelligent EV maker pioneering international markets, has a presence in ASEAN, where the convention was held, with high sales volumes in Thailand and other markets, contributing to rapid growth of the industry in China and ASEAN.

To Neta, going global is about systematic export of industrial chain and collaboration, instead of merely exporting products. For instance, it provides ASEAN users with world-leading intelligent NEVs, while building charging stations. Since this June, customers have been able to recharge their Neta cars at all charging stations in Thailand. Besides, Neta Auto started construction of its first factory in Thailand this March, the first plant of China EV startups in this country, which will be a major manufacturing base of Neta Auto to produce and export RHD EVs to ASEAN.

Neta is turning itself into a world-class company. In overseas markets, its Europe business division and Thailand subsidiary have made rapid progress with three overseas-specific products being launched. It has tapped into markets in ASEAN, South America and Middle East, becoming the first China EV startup to launch and deliver new cars in Thailand, Malaysia and Jordan. Neta will participate in the IAA Mobility this year and Neta GT will hit overseas markets soon.

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