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Who doesn’t know the importance of Black Friday? It is the biggest shopping day and every shopper waits for this day in anticipation for the best discounts from the most popular stores. Even this year retail stores including Walmart and other stores participating in Black Friday 2010 are focusing on ways to increase sales online.To make your shopping trip to Walmart on Black Friday a successful one, here are a few tips:Almost all the stores close early on the Thanksgiving day so get lined up at 3PM.
Wear warm and comfortable clothes to spend your night outside the shops. (Some people even bring tents as well to protect themselves from the cold winds.)
If you’ve got kids at home, look for someone who can take care of them in your absence. Avoid taking them to the stores as it is not the right place for children on this day. They may get lost at such places.
Take special care of your money. Try not to carry big purses as thieves are around. You can make use of your debit cards and credit cards as they can be safer to use.
If you are planning to get Walmart’s Black Friday special, bring a family member or friend along to get to maximize your shopping time and get all your holiday shopping done in just one day.
If you are someone who hates crowds and doesn’t like standing in lines, then go for online shopping instead. Sitting in the comfort of your home and just with a few clicks online you can purchase some of the best products from most reputed stores.

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