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The Importance of Attorneys

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We teach our kids what our parents has taught us when we were younger. Choose a career that can deliver all the good things life can offer. We were told and now we tell our children, become a lawyer. But why? What are the good things in being a lawyer?As a lawyer, you get to make a difference in your life and others. In a day to day basis, a lawyer can help those who are in desperate need of assistance. Poor people who are oppressed, weak women who are raped, children who are abused… Basically, a good person who makes a terrible judgment and makes a mistake like a human being is bound to be. People who needs defending, remorseful, and asks for a second chance. A lawyer can help out so that these people’s rights will be restored.Only licensed attorneys can practice law. That is a great advantage. In every industry in this world, there is a legal department. Every business and office needs an expert advice from a lawyer. This just means that the demand for law graduates is pretty high. It is easy to find work when you are a graduate of law.But before getting to be a lawyer, you have to study for years and take examinations to determine your competency on law. You make yourself equipped with your rights and obligations as a public citizen. You can use that knowledge to empower yourself in unfair situations. Both professionally and personally, you can make use of what you know and protect yourself, your client and your loved ones. You will be able to recognize a problem long before it happens. You will be able to side track and avoid it. Although, there are times that it hits you on the spot. The benefit on being a lawyer is that you can take action to repair it.Studying law gets you to sharpen your analytical, critical and reasoning skills. You tend to become neutral and objective which is a good thing. As a lawyer, you get to be more understanding on situations that require multiple alternatives. You will get to understand people in general. Each person sees a situation basing on their own view. But there are different sides to a story. A lawyer gets to understand each and every side. They are skilled in anticipating how people would move and react. You will learn to focus and be attentive.A these public servants are well versed, well read and a well rounded person. It increases one’s self confidence and self esteem. You will learn to trust your own instincts, and stand up to what you believe is right. That is not pride or narcissistic but, being a lawyer moves a person to become passionate to make a difference. To get justice for those who are wronged.Yes, a lawyer gets a minimum of $50,000 a year and that is just entry level. But what could be more satisfying in this world than helping others who are in need because you know that you can? Be a better person. That is why we push our children to become lawyers.

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