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The number of live DUI accidents is increasing with alarming rate in the state of California. To prevent such crimes, strict DUI laws were made with much stricter DUI penalties. DUI penalties are getting tougher, especially for the repeat offenders, in order to hold back some dangerous drivers from getting back on the roads too easily. Even for the first time offenders DUI penalties are tough. Last year the number of DUI related accidents decreased, which shows the progress of laws and its penalties. Therefore, lawmakers now concentrate on more expensive and less merciful penalties to prevent the intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel.Strict DUI penalties are more serious and aimed at forcing people to think more carefully before driving. Since DUI accidents is a criminal offense its penalties should be accordingly. It is true that DUI laws vary from state to state but the penalties are much alike. Jail time newly added to improved DUI laws in the state to keep offenders locked up in jail for long period to prevent the risk of damage. Harsh penalties can only curb the number of DUI accidents. Harshness of penalties largely depends upon the damages the accident had done. California DUI penalties are based on a non-enhanced DUI conviction. DUI penalties and punishments significantly increased when some aggravating factors involved in the accidents. Like child in the car, high speed, without license driving, high blood alcohol content level and so on.California DUI laws are complex and strict, as are the penalties. Some of the serious penalties are vehicle impoundment, high fines, house arrest, long jail term, local incarceration, suspension or cancellation of driving license, and so on. If you are involved in any DUI case then be ready to face severe DUI penalties. Consulting an experienced DUI attorney is an immediate option. They know the technicalities of DUI laws and the rights of the citizen, so they can easily minimize the DUI penalties.

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