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The Rage of Black Friday and Exasperating Holiday Shopping

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You have to get your holiday shopping done. You want to get all the great gifts. You don’t want to spend a lot of money. And most of all, you don’t want to go shopping on Black Friday. Even though that is understandable, this is something you cannot avoid. But you do have options. Here are five ways to avoid the rage of Black Friday.First one and probably the easiest is to just hire someone to do your holiday shopping for you. An errand runner can fight the crowds of Black Friday. They can find the gifts you want (if they are still in stock) and pick them up for you. They can go to all the different stores so you don’t have to hassle with that. They can combat the hard to find parking spaces and the long lines. They can even have the presents gift wrapped for you if you need. They become your ‘one stop shopping’ if you will.The second one to avoid the rage of Black Friday is go online and shop. That way you avoid the crowds. You miss the long lines. You don’t have to find a place to park. You can steer clear of the angry, frustrated, harried customers and store personnel. You may have to spend some time going through all the websites finding the things you want and filling out a lot of forms. But that can much less of a headache than the rage.Thirdly, you can go ahead of time or on off times. If you shop before Black Friday or avoid the weekend shopping, you can miss a lot of this hassling with wearisome lines and provoking customers. Money is important but sometimes the peace of mind of not having to be in the crowds and the long walks of the parking lots are worth staying away from. You also gain the ability to really look and find the right gifts for each person on your list.The fourth one is buying everything in one place. If you can just go to one store and get all the gifts for each person in your family and all your friends that could be the way to go. Think about it. You would only have to park once. You would only have to stand in one line. You would only have to pay one time. That could be a great relief. And you would save a lot of time of driving all over the city.The last one is just don’t go. You can escape all the headaches by simply deciding you are not going to be part of it. You will not be in rage with all the other crazy people fighting during the very time they should be bringing peace. Tell everyone you will celebrate the holidays at a different time of the year. Or if you must give something pick up gift cards from all the different stores at one place like your grocery store or local drugstore. If this is something that feels right for you then you should consider it.People do get fanatical this time of year. They push and shove. They argue and holler. They do not act well behaved at all in many cases. This is a time for peace. It is a time to do what you enjoy best and not have to aggravate with the negativities of the season. So pick one of the ways above; hire an errand runner, go online, shop on off times, buy in one place, or just don’t shop at all. There is a methodology that will work for you. And best of all you will be able to have very Happy Holidays!

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