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The success is based on the selection of the ERP. If you are looking for a suitable ERP software for the organization and to choose the right ERP software? What is the ERP initiative? Your company will benefit from a new ERP system? Even if you’re right place.In this article we discuss the design of a successful ERP implementation experience, and the first question is, when you start the implementation? ERP is to begin planning the first phase of reorganization of business processes and information technology strategies can system.What ERP really means is that the experience of successful resource planning business planning software deployment has been mainly in defining requirements and evaluating the software companies, this taken to meet requirements. If you can not choose a good ERP software suffer disappointment, delay, try and “fix” the bad sides of software control. Add personalization for each software application, leading to failures. If you try to adapt the program to business needs the original card, you start a project is complete fail. It is better to choose the software is already running at the same level. The application can not be reduced or by vendor.It the appropriate software and experience it should be clear that all software must be so out of the box, which companies can or should also not be suitable for all forms should be avoided. Each of the system believes that the introduction of the business logic of the organization’s strategy and culture. Evaluation of the ERP system for your business, all possible doubt. Remember that every software company that designed one, the order is to integrate business processes to select, and require little or no control. Of course, ask the system for business enterprise? – The answer is usually as the construction of complex systems, No, is an integrated information system is a matter of the heart, or the majority of non-core, should feed the company is not a significant effort from the wrong choice, when the economic activity in the nucleus business.As software organizations in the rule, the ERP on the wish list of essential and necessary to be limited – characteristics that are unique or in need of competitive strategy .

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