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Technology plays a key role in the economy. For years companies have become dependent on technology, so that when we are almost all commercial transactions around the world stopped. Almost all businesses and industries around the world are using computers, from simple to complex operations.Technology played a key role in the development of trade and commerce throughout the world. It is true that we do business since time immemorial, long before computers, the simple concept of barter, where the concept of the game has not yet been introduced, but the company will also continue to slow down the computer revolution changed everything. Nearly all businesses need all the technological research and development and production delivery. Small businesses are using the computer in order to help them to business needs, sales, information management systems capable of all the various information, such as the customer profile of employees, accounting and monitoring systems, automation in manufacturing of goods on a large scale, sorting, packaging, assembly lines, marketing and communications. It’s not the end, all these products on the land, sea and air has been transported. Exclusively for the carriage of goods by land, and requires the use of different transmission media for quick, safe and effective, this technology commodities.Without that globalization does not become a reality. Now all companies have the opportunity to travel abroad via the Internet. If your website is a marketing tool that allows us to reach customers through thousands of miles in a single push of a button. This would not be possible without the Internet. Technology enables companies to grow and so I never thought possible.The role in the technology industry can not be assumed. If we remove the technology and trade throughout the world and the world economy close to collapse. It is almost impossible for a company without the use of technology to one or the other function. Almost every part of the action is strictly dependent on the technology. Technology has become very important to a major industry in itself, the development of manufacturing, design and software and robotics. Technology has become the industry billions of dollars for many people. The next time you visit a website to buy or a credit card to pay for something, only to buy, try to imagine what would happen if the mall will be carried out without the help of modern technology. This can be a little “be hard to imagine. All the technology we enjoy today, is like living in the 60s again. No computers, no cell phones, the Internet. This is the important technology in the business world .

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