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Theories on the Date of the First Black Friday

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When was the first Black Friday? The beginning of this event is not clear at all. The term, Black Friday became popular in the sixties. It is used to pertain to the day that comes after the Thanksgiving Day celebration in the United States which is always a Friday. This typically falls on the twenty third of November or on the twenty-ninth. On a Black Friday most of the department stores and malls give out large discounts so people can get enticed and shop. It is also known as the start of the Christmas rush for buying gifts and new items.Black Friday is not a declared holiday but many employers like giving a day off to the workers since they also want their workers to take advantage of the huge sale in many stores. The malls also open earlier than usual. Some stores even open at four o’clock in the morning. All the products in the malls have discounts. Most of the shoppers buy electronic items like cellular phones, laptops as well as gift items like toys for kids. Many people hence are interested to know the answer to the question, when was the first Black Friday.1. The first answer to the question is in 1924 when the people developed the custom of shopping right after Thanksgiving Day. This could also be because of the fact that many shops were established in the early twenties.2. The second answer to the question is perhaps much before the sixties because the words Black Friday was used already by people years before that.3. The third answer to the question is more accurate because the term was used by the Philadelphia police force in the mid sixties. They used this to pertain to the huge crowd that accompanies the day after Thanksgiving. People go out and shop to take advantage of the great discounts by the malls. The police therefore had a lot of work because they had to maintain peace and order in the shops and department stores.4. The fourth answer to the question, is a popular myth that it started when the first Santa Claus parade happened. It reminded the people that Christmas time is fast approaching so they should get ready. It gave the stores the idea of coming up with more parades as a crowd drawer and to promote more sales.

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