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When you create a new campaign, the default setting is to target your ads to the search and content networks. As previously mentioned, we recommend you turn off content in search campaigns and separate the content network into its own campaign.

You can click the Settings tab within each campaign in order to adjust these settings. You can then change the Search and Content distribution settings in the Networks, Devices, and Extensions section, as shown in Figure 4.26.

Each campaign should be targeted to only one distribution channel: Search or Content.Search Network

As you can see in Figure 4.26, there are two channels within the Google Search Network:

Google Search: Your ads will appear on Google
S earch Partners: Your ads will appear on sites such as You can opt out of Search Partners, but you can’t actually break Search Partners off into its own campaign. Search Partners always requires Google Search to be activated.

Content Network

We discuss the content network at great length, “Month 4—Advertise on the Google Content Network.” For now, here is some basic information about the options for choosing this distribution channel at the campaign level (shown previously in Figure 4.26):

Relevant Pages Across the Entire Network: Your ad may appear on any web page that Google has deemed relevant to your keywords and PPC ads. You will typically buy these ads on a CPC, keyword-targeted basis.
Relevant Pages Only on the Placements I Manage: Google will place ads only on the sites or domains you specify.

Device Platforms

In the Devices section of your campaign settings, you can target computers or iPhones and other smart mobile devices. Similar to separating the search and content networks, we advise that you create separate campaigns when targeting different devices. For example, when you are ready to launch your mobile marketing initiatives, you should create a new campaign and select the iPhones and Other Mobile Devices with Full Internet Browsers option, as illustrated in Figure 4.27.

You can target the devices on which your PPC ads will appear.

As you can see in the figure, your choices are as follows: Desktop and Laptop Computers: This is just what it sounds like—your ads will
appear on desktop and laptop computers.

iPhones and Other Mobile Devices with Full Internet Browsers: When you launch a new campaign, the default setting will have your ads appearing on all available devices. As you saw in Figure 4.27, creating a mobile marketing campaign has a great number of options. This is why your mobile ads should be run separately from your other ads. Google continually improves the specificity with which you can target mobile ads. You can choose on which mobile device your ads will appear. (As of this writing, there were only three device options: Android, iPhone/iPod Touch, and Palm webOS.) Also, you can choose which mobile carriers you want to target.


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