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There is an urgent need for the company’s data is a key element in management training to executives from the industry or size, is everywhere. This aspect is particularly important in the administration ignores everything, so that professionals and information management to see what the company needs, you should go and what to expect. This is reflected in the results always connected to the output, in this case financially. But it is an integral part of the missing, and it is time to observe and organized replaced.Messy do nothing to increase the productivity and profitability, or the success of the average small business, to promote medium and large sizes. They are also a possible collapse of activity in the large companies and government agencies. Sales of commercial data, the information formally and uncontrollable, and uncertain chaotic systems pretending management and intelligent search capabilities that document the company, its effectiveness and to leave him without the means to political power, knowledge, education, business, entrepreneurs and resources . Most are able to establish rules for managing customer data exercise, but do not recognize the need and its relationship to the role of management. They know that they are able to meet the needs of the economy, but are not limited to the benefits of information and control structure. Limits to information.It his vision of what is currently available to the business is undervalued nice, but this gap means that they are responsible. Others are supported. Others do not have the benefit of society as a heart, because it is not their thing, but he responded to all corporate data, simply because the owners and managers “, there is no information about other ways to manage this exposure to asset management. It is generally accepted as a valuable tool to easily create, capture, storage and use of information about the companies that create the technology that might try to establish a framework for the content produced using views. Current systems are used by companies in general management is to creating an environment where information can be stored and focus can not be determined in proportion. They do this by using the terminology of research to enable the company to return to what was used. This use of terms or keywords is entirely dependent on the person carrying out this work and which may or may not benefit the organization’s information business.Business (BIO) is a method that protects the life cycle of all corporate data. In this context, is closely involved in the technical aspects of the company involved. It simply means that the information is structured according to the company and the operator. Structure or device on the network from the “My Documents” and represents what the company is and what it does, with the power of an intelligent network BIO.BIO method for key words an artificial test conditions show the location of the data and come They later built, but is solely on location information at the time of manufacture or the collection. The network structure is generated or received BIO, unless the company depending on what it means is guided in the right context. This means that the drive is set up and control a computer’s carefully arranged behind the structures.The and the data network, has the company’s default, not the tools for the job are considered. Many people know how to make themselves and create a command and control where and how you do not know about the companies that are responsible for storing, but many companies, the possibilities and the power of the Company’s business strategy in general. Most management training focuses on the existing systems and software. What if entrepreneurs formed the basis of the company’s organizational data (BIO), power is the intelligent network and the best practices of information is one of the options for the company? These are high stakes. The company’s future in the hands of people who are here today and tomorrow. Every company deserves the truth about the data management and know what to expect in terms of best practices. What could be the difference if the company can say with conviction: We have full confidence in the management or the contents of our computers and networks.
O All terms and applications when and where needed.
Resources or capacity to help record, and the labor market.
Education or the continued availability of his work.
each new project, in accordance with the guidelines and training resources.
be merged or are no longer needed for internal communication, and copies are not allowed.
is less work and more digital information and maintain a solid knowledge base.
Backup, or security procedures and is dependent on the context.
Network with the file name in place protocols and methods in portfolio management throughout the organization out.
significant economic benefits and productivity throughout the enterprise .


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