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Twas the Night Before Black Friday

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Yes, that special time of year is upon us again. Before you get up the night before to battle a fifty year old woman for $4 off some item or another, sit back and think it through. Thanks to the Internet, you don’t really need to drag yourself out of bed on Black Friday anymore!Twas the night before Black Friday and all over the web
not a surfer was surfing – not even Fred!
The banners were hung on websites with care,
in the hope shoppers would soon be there!
Stuffed on Turkey and all of the side dishes,
shoppers were asleep, with dreams as wishes.
All of a sudden, with barely a warning,
seven pop-ups popped, swarming
around the computer screen,
enough to make Mr. Norton scream!While merchants may have been shocked by this statement in the early years of the Internet, we have come a long way. There’s even a semi-official “Cyber Monday” when everyone – stuffed with turkey and pecan pie – returns to the office to grab some more savings and deals.That’s right. The merchants still win. The shoppers still win. Everyone wins. Well, except the security companies that have to be hired to control the crowds on Black Friday. They’re sure to find other work in this world, though, so we shouldn’t feel too bad for them. (Who knows – maybe one secretly wants to be a Santa and when he loses his security job he applies to be a mall Santa and goes on to be the best Santa Claus ever. Now there’s a movie script for you, Disney!)Ahem. Back to our original focus. Black Friday was a good idea way back in the 20th century, but modern shoppers should demand more. As the years pass, the so called Cyber Monday is going to become more and more important as it grows and overtakes Black Friday for the biggest shopping day of the entire year. Good businesses aren’t made or broken with sale days like these, but smart companies can use them to really ramp up their sales.Twas the night before Black Friday and all through the web
not a surfer was surfing, not even that YouTube guy Fred.
Trying to gather energy and rest before the big shopping day,
people slept in their clothes so they could jump up and be on their way.
Then with a buzz, and a clatter or laughter, the Internet arrived and grew,
and suddenly people didn’t need to get up early to wait in lines too slow!
Slowly it grows, the power of the web,
letting shoppers sleep in PJs in their bed
no rush to jump online Monday and save
thanks to the Internets and Super Dave!

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