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Do you want to target approximately 80 million people with just one sentence? Don’t be surprised because using Twitter, you really can do it. Marketing in twitter promises exceptional results especially when it comes to clicks. Twitter being the fastest growing online social networking site promises instant exposure to your business. People who are using Twitter and associated tools to the max have been experiencing some unbelievable results. The best thing about this system is that all the leads and clicks are “Absolutely FREE”.Unless you have been living under a rock for the past almost 5 years, you have definitely heard of the online social hub called ‘Twitter’. Twitter is basically a micro-blogging service that allows users to send tiny little messages to their followers. Well besides serving the purpose of social interaction on a revolutionary level (remember Iran polls earlier this year), it has come off as a fantastic tool for online marketing. So, cutting the fuss let me introduce you to some of the tools and strategies I personally use to charter my blog/website ahead of the competition.TweetAdderTweetAdder is the fastest traffic generation method I have ever come across. Period. It is nothing but an amplification too for your marketing strategies on Twitter. It allows you to automatically follow hundreds of individuals through multiple Twitter accounts. Also, you can post unlimited Tweets to your followers and get your message across millions of miles within a matter of minutes. Though, I wouldn’t recommend posting too much as people tend to ‘Unfollow’ those who Tweet absurdly.But seriously, TweetAdder generates clicks like nothing you’ve ever heard of. Serious marketers take notice.SocialOomphSocialOomph is another awesome weapon in the arsenal of serious online marketers. It integrates itself well with your Twitter marketing strategies. When you receive an automatic welcome message from someone you are following on twitter, SocialOomph instantly springs into action. It allows you to associate a different message with each of your Twitter account or have the same message for all of your accounts. This provides you with the versatility while posting on Twitter.Interacting With the Twitter CommunityUsing Twitter isn’t as easy compared to other social websites. The ease-of-use factor is low when it comes to users. It is designed to just get your message across. There’s a tool to get around this issue. Known as Tweetdeck Desktop, it allows you to easily interact with all your followers (even if thousands) in an intelligent and organized fashion. The software offers a one-stop solution to all your Tweeting needs.Tracking Your Clicks and TrafficIt is extremely important that you track your clicks and know where your traffic is coming from. Professional internet marketers observe their Tweeting patterns thoroughly to know which Tweets worked best and what their followers are doing. This gives you the ability to optimize your tweets and content according to your followers. The idea is simple: Give them what they are looking for and they’ll come back.

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