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Types of Premises Liability

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Property owners have a legal obligation to maintain their property and ensure its safety. When unsafe conditions occur, they are required to post hazard warnings, even if it is private property. The laws which regulate premise liability fall under Tort law and, consequently, violations of premise liability laws can result in a personal injury lawsuit.Property Owners’ ResponsibilitiesPremises liability laws vary depending on the type of property in question.• Private residences- Open and obvious hazards do not require a posted or verbal warning; however, less obvious hazards that could not easily be detected by a reasonable person (such as the presence of a vicious dog) require a posted warning. Anyone who is injured on your property, regardless of their status as an invited guest or trespasser, may have the legal rights to sue you if you failed to post warnings about hidden hazards on your property.• Businesses open to the public-Property that is open to the public must be maintained and free of hazards. Any hazard that could cause a potential injury must have a warning sign. If a citizen is injured in your store because there were no warning signs (such as uneven terrain, temporary construction sites, slippery substances on the floor) they may sue for compensation.Types of Premises LiabilityProperty owners are required to ensure a safe atmosphere for the public. Failure to do so may enable injured patrons to file a legal claim and seek compensation for their losses. If you have sustained an injury from any of the following hazards, you should speak with an experienced attorney immediately:• Slip and fall-From hazards like uneven terrain, unnoticeable steps, or slippery surfaces• Elevator malfunctions or failure-Such as being locked in or injured by a defective door• Staircase injuries-Structural instability or inadequate handrails• Toxic mold-A certain type of mold can cause respiratory problems in many people• Lead paint• Swimming pool injuries-Inadequately guarded swimming pools may attract children. Swimming pool owners may be liable for any accidents and injuries which occur in their pool, regardless of their presence or permission.

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