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Figure 3, earlier in this chapter, shows a mockup of the UI and the navigation routes supported by the application between the pages. There are a few items in the UI that require some additional explanation.

The SurveyListView page displays six pieces of information about each survey:

  • The survey creator’s logo
  • The survey creator’s name
  • The survey’s title
  • A star to indicate whether the survey is one of the user’s favorites
  • A number to indicate how many times the user has completed the survey
  • A progress bar to indicate how many questions have been answered so far

The SurveyDetailsView page displays some additional information about a survey:

  • The survey’s title
  • The number of questions in the survey
  • An estimate of how long it should take to complete the survey

On the TakeSurveyView page, there are two buttons on the application bar. The Save button saves the current answers to the survey and allows the user to return to the survey later to amend existing answers and to add additional answers. The Complete button saves the current answers and marks the survey as complete and ready for synchronization. You cannot return to or change a completed survey, but you can complete a survey multiple times.


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