Using Signature Files As an Email Template

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When replying to routine email inquiries, you can set up signature files as prewritten responses to a specific request in addition to your contact information.

When a routine question comes in, simply click the reply button and choose the appropriate signature with the prewritten response.

Always personalize any emails you send. In the case of a prewritten response, simply highlight the areas that should be personalized with uppercase font and brackets to remind yourself where to customize. For example, [FIRST NAME],
[COMPANY NAME] or, if you want to add a full sentence or two, [ADD PERSONALIZED SENTENCE(s) HERE]. This will not only save you time, it will also give you the opportunity to tailor a better response or set up an automated drip campaign.

Following Formalities with Email Netiquette

When writing emails, remember these points:

  • Be courteous. Remember to use please and thank-you.
  • Reply promptly—within 24 hours at the very latest.
  • Be brief.
  • Use upper- and lowercase characters appropriately. All capitals indicates SHOUTING!
  • Check your grammar and spelling.
  • Use attachments sparingly.
  • Do not send unsolicited bulk email.


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