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Versioning gives you the opportunity to submit fixes and updates to your application. A version number consists of three digits separated by dots, as in 1.0.0, referred to as Set the version number in Flash Professional in the
Settings window. In Flash Builder, open the application descriptor and change the version number in the XML.

For debugging purposes, you can check the version number at runtime from the appli cationDescriptor of the NativeApplication.nativeApplication that is an XML object:

import flash.desktop.NativeApplication;
var applicationDescription:XML =
var ns:Namespace = applicationDescription.namespace();
var currentVersion:String = applicationDescription.ns::versionNumber;
// 1.0.0

The update to an application appears on the Android Market quickly.

As mentioned earlier in this chapter, the update can be accomplished in two ways. You can specify your preference in the application descriptor, or the user can specify it manually. The following tag implies that the update is handled by the user upon doubleclicking:


If the user installs an update of your application, previously saved data is preserved.

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