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We live in a world where everything happens fast streams. Business and private life, we must continue to processor performance, and is therefore exposed to different channels and devices. The Internet is one of the most important ways to optimize its operation, to represent the physical barriers such as distance from the unimportant. The internet and change the business opportunities in the biggest problem is the nail and the services on this platform. This is not news that the e-finance in the face of the financial sector through the promotion of online banking, brokerage, etc., through an Internet connection anywhere in the world to change, has great advantages in terms of the cost of OF1 been. Reduction
Quality of Service and 2.Increased
3.Great access to financial services. To the extent that opportunities for growth and knowledge of the business over the Internet is endless, but it also threatens financial institutions and individuals. Before the advent of the Internet, is the surest way to save money in the bank for a time of high technology and to ensure that the security forces instead of an efficient and theft, and if the money to move the truck, “gold is used is transferred to a location within the company, armed guards teeth place. As the car quickly replaced by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is a sophisticated way to make money available. With my words, EFT as an amp of all time always present on the robbers and bank robbers. But they were the only available technology at the time. These predators are out hunting, and this time there is enough technology in their illegal activities. Nigeria, for example, today the government has recently launched a new testing standard for electronic payment systems that are used in the PIN card inserted, and only for the safety and efficacy. But then, if the individual users can not expect or hope that the financial institutions and the government is doing one of the following basic steps that we as a people to a certain degree of security of electronic payment systems. Understanding the need for encryption standards: While this can be a bit more “technique using a regular electronic fund transfers, but can easily control the use of digital certificates for each institution, which provides a platform to be done for electronics. This is usually displayed on the website of the company, and you can take a step forward to strengthen the independent effect of this safe place, as examples of such independent authority, including the research and notification Verisign.Importance: (. The process that a company can not prevent the deal), many financial institutions, the concept of non-refoulement promote the use it is also important as the person receives a notification when held transactions that help, the time and place daily transactions and illegal account.The the time the application is: used first line, not to prevent the reproduction of many trades, transactions at the same time are compatible with the original exception. It would also be useful to the people, especially when the number of transactions can be properly monitored and recorded properly invested in the history of events. Although electronic payments to vendors, such as ATM (ATM) and Point of Sale (POS) is necessary to understand these concepts.1. Avoid using birthdays and PIN or password, since most of them are slightly affected.
Another Do not write your PIN or password for any reason.
The third will never disclose your PIN, the Institute has the right to ask.
Fourth Crop contain personal information in various online communities like Facebook. Twitter, Flickr, etc.
Beware of shoulder surfers fifth entering a PIN or password.
To grant Sixth, if possible, some restrictions on access to their cell phones, BlackBerry, PDA, computers and disks, especially if they can contain sensitive information information.Little give great wealth. The best way to avoid this is to be aware of safety and to understand the type of technology, such as a private person or business .

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