What Makes Black Friday So Special?

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Why Black Friday is considered a special day for shoppers?There is a type of madness that occurs the day after Thanksgiving; it is often referred to as Black Friday. This year it falls on the date of November 27, 2009 and for many retailers and business people this is a make or break shopping day, because if the people decide to shop at your store, the value to offer from the discount, is often made out many times over by overall total sales. In truth the shopper will not just find the one item that is the value, no they will often find many items that they want, and decide to make all their purchases at a single location. Now for website owners this is a dilemma because the people part in the physical store, they surf in, find the special and surf on out.So the website owner has to keep the customers on the website for a longer period of time, so even if the prices are not all discounted, the appearance of more than just one product being discounted, is often enough to entice the customer to make more than one purchase. Also the website owner may entice the online customers through e-mail campaigns, and video advertising. These forms are supposed to create an interest from the buyers to land on their page, check out a variety of categories, and hopefully make a large number of purchases. So the website owner must offer a quality site, that is deemed a value to the shoppers, and will be recommended to their friends, and post it on blogs and other forum sites. Caution should be made from the website owner, to prevent the customers from just choosing one product only without trying to up sell them on additional products or accessories.There is also a belief that if using holiday colours, the customer will feel like shopping longer, some websites even decorate with tinsel lights, and festive wall banners. The colour red is often used as well as green to present a Christmas, Yuletide atmosphere. There have been studies to determine which colours make people buy more, some people believe the colour red is not conducive for sales, but the calming effect of blue and green may lead to better sales. Nothing scientific has been ever determined, but it is believed that colour does have a definite effect on sales, so website owners choose your colours wisely if in fact you do change them for the holiday season. The possibility of the up sell is very intriguing to most website owners, because the customer has his credit card out, and is making a purchase, so why not offer additional items that will complement their purchase? All these things must be considered, of course these dilemmas are felt by everyone at holiday season including the shopper, so if you’re preparing a website, with a Black Friday special, always remember you’re dealing with people, and treat them as the value customers they really are, especially during tight money times of year.

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