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What You Can Do When Charged With a DUI

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It is never easy to stay composed in the face of such obstacles. It is important to remember that you have the right to aggressively defend your best interest. Regardless of whether you are partially at fault in any crime, you have a right to pursue your best interest and seek a beneficial outcome.Know Your RightsWhen you are arrested, you have the right to be treated according to pre-determined legal procedures. Oftentimes in the case of a traffic violation, the confusion surrounding the arrest or charge means that these procedures are not followed in every case. Especially in a city like Los Angeles where there is constant confusion on the roadways, it is possible your rights may be violated. If you feel your rights have indeed been ignored, you should seek the advice of a Los Angeles DUI attorney immediately to begin evaluating the circumstances surrounding the arrest. You have the right to an attorney; your DUI lawyer will act as your partner and advocate throughout your legal battle.Seek a Criminal Defense Attorney
Criminal defense lawyers specialize in aggressively seeking the best possible resolution for an individual accused of a crime. Often, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney will have extensive knowledge of traffic litigation due to the unique circumstances present in Los Angeles. The southern California area, which encompasses Orange County and San Bernardina County, has the second highest commute time in the nation and eight times the national average of car accidents. Criminal defense attorneys in Los Angele’s are intimately familiar with the laws that govern traffic in the area including DUI legislation. Furthermore, a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer will be highly familiar with the prosecutors and judges who try criminal cases in the Los Angeles area, giving you a distinct advantage.Find an Attorney with Experience in DUI CasesAny criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles should have some knowledge of traffic and DUI legislation. It is advisable, though, to seek a DUI attorney in particular. A DUI attorney will have knowledge of previous DUI cases and will likely have tried many such cases in the past. You should be able to locate records of these cases without too much difficulty. For example, The Law Offices of Rodney Nosratabadi have an excellent blog that highlights current cases being heard and opinions or advice on the circumstances. You may find that by looking at these cases that you are not alone in your desire to resolve a DUI case without facing extensive penalties. Many other people have worn your shoes, and your DUI attorney will be sympathetic to your cause moving forward.

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