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Information systems (IS) research to the discipline of computer science and the location of economic activity is linked, is “a scientific interdisciplinary science. Discipline, on the basis of information technology and information so that students will participate in various events. You to the most companies and work on the study can be exposed by algorithms. All Board of Education, or the known contains better known than the current study, information about learning processes, people, software and equipment to collect and analyze program data ES. data including those who specialized hardware or software system from the public, or corporate processing require filtering, collection, compilation and dissemination. Most of these programs will vary from business schools, although the names may be in important areas such as leadership, or calculations differ. These courses are the common learning themes such as IT and business, but vary the emphasis on organizational issues and techniques respectively.One A good example is the number programming skills. For example, computer systems, the most important relationship with the study of information technology has led, and includes more algorithms and computer skills. To cover the hardware and software, politics, influence on society, the development of industry and business applications.Besides directly on the course the student the opportunity to minor in accounting and business administration, has a range of technical skills to acquire. Basically, the program focuses on the East, it is important to test the effectiveness of the proposed program. Have this level of popularity in the hand, you can develop a systems analyst for application developers or the link in the technology. You can also extend the analysis of some data mining, data integration and enterprise resource management .

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