Will There Be A Business “Black Friday”?

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In the retail world, “Black Friday” has become something of an American institution, opening the floodgates to what shops and online stores hope will be a profitable festive season. It is one of the busiest days of the Christmas season, making it one of the busiest days of the year, and is seen as a day for America to hit the shops and start Christmas with a bang.This works in the US because it come the day after Thanksgiving, where many offices remain closed and people hit the stores on their day off. The UK doesn’t have an equivalent pre-Christmas day, although the online world has started to see a “Manic Monday” towards the end of November.So with “Black Friday” and Manic Monday” in the retail world, when does the business world do it’s Christmas shopping?Business gifts play an important role in many companies over Christmas, and they are used as staff rewards and given to customers as a thank you for their trade. Business gifts also provide a marketing opportunity, giving companies the chance to send quality gifts to their best clients that are emblazoned with their brand.There are differences between the shopping habits of businesses and consumers however, and while much will be made of individual shopping days on the high street, things are a little different in the business world.The shopping habits of consumers will tend to be driven by a number of factors. Pay day is an important one as shoppers will be more willing to spend just after they have been paid, and public holidays such as Thanksgiving in the US are a good opportunity for a large number of people to hit the shops.There are different considerations with corporate gifts and this drives corporate shopping habits. Lead times will play a big role in how businesses go about their Christmas shopping and when you are buying branded products on a large scale, lead times have to be taken into consideration. This makes early Christmas business gifts shopping important as in order to get the products in time, orders have to be places nice and early.Although factors like public holidays don’t play as big a role as in the consumer world, it is widely regarded that the end of the school holidays in October marks the start of the Christmas business gifts season. Although a little too early for some tastes, the end of October can mark the start of Christmas for many business gifts shops.Although single days are important in the consumer world, in the world of business gifts different factors influence buying habits, so while stores are just getting ready for the rush on the high street, business gifts websites will already have been in Christmas mode for a number of months.Rather than having a single big shopping day, momentum will build from late October towards the Christmas rush in November in the business world, with longer lead times dictating shopping patterns. Now is the peak time for Christmas business gifts shopping, so companies should seek to get their orders in quick in time for the festive season.

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