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Blogging opens a new way of communicating, but with a blog is just the beginning of an exciting journey into the blogosphere. Having a corporate blog is very different from a personal blog. If you are just starting to expect to make mistakes, but don ‘t give up! To reflect the exponential growth of blogs as an aid. Well, not all at the end of Sun Above all, if your company is not known for a brand, your blog growth slightly slower in the first months or a year. The good news is if you stay long enough, it will snowball and bring a big impact on your bloggers need to understand the marketing. First time: blogs business here for the long term requires a lot of work and time. Consistency and frequency are two important keys to building a great blog, attracting an audience. A blogger who throws more than likely that their efforts are undervalued on drain.Here 10 ways to use and your blog: 1) Write as you speak. Don ‘t talk to your readers, but on a personal tone, you are talking to a friend.A good trick is to define a clear target market and then he took down to an individual. Every time you blog, write to the person, as if you were talking him/her.2) Select the right person to blog. A blogger should know that your company or topics you want to transfer in and out of blog. Nobody knows your business and how you market, but if you can do for some reason ‘s one delegate – or a group of bloggers – who know your business. The right person can not even anyone in marketing, but perhaps have regular customer service or technical person.3) position. Frequency of questions after a while, how to create a public expect readers to post content often. It ‘s the reason they come back to your blog or subscribe to your RSS feed. Consistency creates stickiness.4) Bloggers are generous linkers. Links to other positions, new resources, authority sites and give credit where credit is due. This function can help us build relationships with other bloggers in your industry. Bloggers appreciate the links and will often link back.5) promotion of feedback and conversation. Comment is athe unique characteristics of a blog. If you continue to write people comments on your blog, they will do on his own blog. Use a trackback if necessary, further conversation.6) Do you know your keywords. Having the right keywords, your ranking and is one of the most important on page optimization for search engines. A word or phrase is essentially what people spend on search engines like Google and Yahoo to find you. Common search engine robots are places to look for keywords in the text, different title tags, add floating text, formatting text and a link texts.7) support frames. Visual content improves a blog, but should improve what you write in the mail. Use a WYSIWYG editor blog (What You See Is What You Get), you know, without specifying the HTML code, and are very simple once you begin.8) Promote your blog regularly. Renew show your signature file in your blog, just inform readers about your newsletter, encourage them in your presentations, talk about the next networking event, and so subscribe on.9) support RSS / Atom. There are always people that your blog as the first visit, but you forgetis tomorrow. If they hook on your blog ‘s RSS / Atom feeds, syndicated content, you are automatically the next time you update your blog and chances are better than they remember you.10 to socialize). Blogging is essentially a social tool. Although you are in the discussion on several blogs, it causes your networking efforts to the next level. Bloggers tend to other blogs where they can build a successful blog links know.No building at night, unless he / she is a very influential or famous. Don ‘t blog, just because your friend says that this will trend.Blogging resource intensive, but if done properly can be an ideal base for marketing, you can harvest later. A blog expands your marketing reach to the next level, but remember, it should be, in addition to the marketing of other strategies.Copyright (c) uses Hendry Lee. All rights reserved.

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