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Is it better to spend the time or the blogs of people follow on Twitter and follow events on Facebook? Yes friends, it starts to happen. You can even have your new business started and discover all that the platform you want to use for your blog and others to question whether you should waste your time or spending on social media blogs. Things can change quickly on the Internet.Apparently, according to the authority that you believe, blogs lose their authority. That said, according to Technorati, the number of blogs continues to grow. Moreover, even after Technorati, the authority maintains an index is the number of links in blogs, readers are told that you are more than 346 million people will read it down.That blogs in the world for last month’m convinced that blogs completely rooted in the world of corporate marketing. I use this blog to build my credibility. The purpose of this blog is to encourage readers to mid-life they use the Internet for a different approach to their profession or as a tool to change their careers altogether.I use blogs to help me build confidence to use it with readers. I use blogsto help me, even back to a brand that is recognizable but flexible. I use blogs to know me as an expert, what should be done to move to the professional development, so they work.I this by providing content to my blogs that are useful to establish. I know that by providing links to content outside of my blog useful. I know that by providing links to other resources to myself that the reader can feel good because I recommended these individuals or programs. I know that by providing content to think with authenticity, and even some media humor.I social networks like Twitter and Facebook and Linked In, such as tools that improve the overall objectives that I am also on the promotion blog.I recognize that most people who are 50 years or more are still uncomfortable with blogs, because they appear more sound bytes, not the detailed reports they receive when they are used to looking for subject. I am also very aware that to say, social networking, what you have to say in 140 characters including spaces, even a little more disturbing. In addition, there is little or no control over thePurpose of Facebook and hot topics if you want to search. Even if you are looking for information to hurt business, there are many who swear words are tweeted.Blogs are important because they can deepen your relationship with your readers. Their target audience, you can find relevant content that is useful for them and have a place where they feel heard. This works very well when they encourage and allow readers to comment and communicate with you in your blog.

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