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The first step in creating a blog is great to choose a blogging platform, and there are lots of great there, that blogs so easy that you can start writing and publishing on the Web in take a few minutes. If you have decided, and decided a blog a blog interface to start, whether it ‘s custom self-hosted service or as popular WordPress, TypePad or Blogger, it’s time ‘ s deterrence in the face first aspect of the design and content.1. Choose an appropriate layout and design your site is very informative, with several boxes and links, and layout a 3 column may work best. It will give you more space to post information and you will be able to track and boxes to place higher on the page so that readers can see them when they first log in if you are on.However a personal essay writing style 3-column layout is too busy, it will distract the reader from your message. For this kind of blog, a simple two-column is the best one for writing, and one for left and information.Choose a color that is similar to your site, but think about what colors mean to people. Bright colorsinvolve actions and trust, the pastels are soothing, dark colors have a connotation of danger and plaids and prints mystery.Busy environments look away from time to load content and slow down the page. It can also be backgrounds that look like the grandmother intuitive other ‘s wallpaper considered professional. With these remarks carefully in thin blocks or limits, to add emphasis and visual interest.2. Simplify the side Bardon ‘t have the feeling that all options and the widget is available. If a calendar function or photo albums are not relevant to your blog, then don ‘t use them.Do use of images in the sidebar. It breaks the text and draws attention to important links. Long lists of links are boring and hard to read, as long blog roll at the end of the sidebar. Put your short list and most relevant at the top. If you share a lot of friendships, to try to categorize them, or at least alphabetize.3. Evaluate your blog’s appearanceFirst impressions are important, and the appearance of your blog can attract or divert regular readers. To increase as computer monitors and laptops in size, a font that seemed to be small, now a year ago. Look to your blogfrom several different computers and platforms so you can judge how deep it is the work others.Dark red light seems extremely difficult to read. If you want to stay with a black or dark background, use it to the head, margins and side bars, with a shade of gray, blue, or a contrasting background for the main buff as body.4. Subject to change! How to find your theme or companies from different angles. When I started blogging, I had a list reminds me of alternative sites between the theme of press wine, the vineyard and vintage updates, new vignettes and the wine industry. With a little practice you will begin to discover a natural rhythm and to discover new angles of each approach subject.Another is to ask employees or customers, contribute short articles and photos for blog.Sometimes c is easier to write several short articles on a topic that is interesting for you, a brand new, forthcoming legislation, current products and projects, then set aside some of these pieces for publication. Most interfaces offer a blog publishing, with the posts allows you to schedule future dates. This is useful when you’re on vacation, or if youwritten on the subject often, you can plan contributions on this subject published at regular intervals, and throw in other positions to keep the material and visual fresh.5. PhotosPhotos Use color and interest, and they can also be used to emphasize a point. Look for people and the act or the eccentric and catchy. Group pictures are boring, small town style of static shots of people shaking hands and holding are reviewed. Enter physically to people, helping others, laughing, angry. Keep it personal.6. LengthTry frequency and at least once a week. I am guilty of not posting often enough, but if I have time to write, I write short pieces often several at a time. The articles are not written in so far as magazines and newspaper articles. Be brief and often the reader point.Blog to subscribe to a number of blog feeds, a service that extracts of new email messages to subscribers. To win and readers, make your most important information in your first paragraph and again in your blog extract. On the other hand, some readers are upset by the ads daily diet. To satisfy both camps appear after several short bursts in one day hehow many new messages, but to consolidate announcements.Mondays feedback and Wednesdays are good, so many readers to check their blog feeds from their desktop computers. If your ads feed sent the next day, then you try to view on Sundays and Tuesdays.Activate RSS feeds into your blogging software, and subscribe to a service such as FeedBurner Google ‘s Feedburner. Place your RSS feeds, lots of people want to electronically post your blog from your PDA ‘s provide access, and they want to be able to read the whole post, not just a teaser. I mean Typepad RSS preferences of all mail sent to my Feedburner and send alerts to a single excerpt.7. Link, link, link to your blog! Keep your marketing e-mails to customers in the short and simple, and a link to specific posts in your blog where you detailed information about your products, customers and suppliers. In our tasting room, we color postcards that will clear our blog address with every purchase. Print your blog address and a marketing blurb for your blog to all of your advertising, packaging and handouts.Cultivate cross-promotion in the community blog. A good way to do this is toWrite catchy “Top Ten ‘articles in your industry viewpoint.With success, to develop a long blogroll of sites of mutual ties in your area that is a link to your site or to recommend you. You can help your readers to choose your blogroll, creating a shorter section of links with a brief commentary on each site. It may be permanent or rotating feature.8. Include your readership.Your writing style of a subject worthy of another 10 staff and boards should be revealing. If you ‘s business blogger, you can quickly lose your audience if you’re just online news company, events, employees of the month syndrome-blog-de-brochure. Blog readers is not yet widespread, and those who read blogs and bookmarks expect in-depth articles, professional writing, passion and surprises. If you write for your blog, the kind of writing is that your readers expect small, personal details. No pontificating. No broad brush strokes. No bubbles. Get practical, real and personal, to communicate and connect. While this may seem daunting, the good news … Shorter is better. Slice of life of small vignettes, are moments of self-mockery, photo essays, how your product is manufactured, and visited with a client or clients alla good choice for a business blog.Getting your audience is also involved in the key. It creates excitement for your blog, and provides feedback for you. Offers free T-shirts, sponsoring a contest to name a new product or feature some of your most important customers.9. Controversy.Opinion t Don ‘Fear is good. It sets you apart as a leader in your industry. And invites discussion.10. Offer a “book ” Dedicate a contribution to visitor comments and links to items in the sidebar. To commit it ‘s visitors a good way to learn more about your audience. Questions and comments from readers, perhaps even fuel further product ideas.

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