Small Business Blogging: 5 reasons why your company needs a blog!

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Blogging for your business is a critical component of your content strategy. When you write a blog well, and regularly, you will accomplish many marketing objectives. And taking the time to write your blog will pay off, especially because it’s free. No time to write? Just jot down a few ideas as you go through your week, and sit down once a week for about an hour- you can knock off 3 posts easily.Five reasons you NEED a blog:

You’re producing fresh content, which attracts search engines.
Your visitor’s comments help build page content and links.
Especially for small business, blogging creates a personal brand voice.
Good blog strategies create expertise, build trust and reputation.
Your blog is the perfect place to sell products or services- over time.
So let’s go through these one by one. First off, as you probably know, regular doses of fresh content make the spiders happy. That means, if you continually provide fresh and meaningful blog posts, Google will search your website more frequently, giving you better organic search rankings. You’re also building your content over time- and the more pages, the better when it comes to SEO.Secondly, when you write engaging, informative blog posts, you’ll attract engaging and informative comments. You’re gathering off- site links, which boost your search engine rankings. Your blogs can also interact with more people by adding share buttons to each post. (This is why blogs can be another aspect of your overall social media campaign.)Next, blogging puts a personal face on your brand. You’re interacting with customers and clients in a personal way that’s more intimate than a sales page or TV ad. You can explore many types of content to keep the branding experience fresh and relevant, from contests and survey formats, to storytelling and analogy.Fourth, blogging creates expertise and build your company’s trust and reputation. Your informative and engaging content will establish you as a leader in your industry to your readers. Again, when they share your blogs over social media, your net of credibility extends even further.And finally, you CAN sell from your blog. It’s a great venue to use information, storytelling, and your reputation to sell your product or service. Just remember, your blog is not a sales letter. It’s a relationship built over time, through providing useful content, so that when you’re ready to talk about your product, your reader is ready to click.

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