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“The first show in real time, interactive database developed the double entry of the merchants of Venice 1200 ‘
– May not work LawSystems Bryce is as difficult as it may seem. But in this area, we tend to make things worse by the vocabulary of the work and implementation of complex systems concepts and techniques, making it difficult to make it more difficult to establish an integrated system. It is therefore a tendency to reinvent the wheel each system design. I think we owe it to my predecessor, and the industry in general, to describe the basic theory of systems, so that people need a common basis to communicate and find work. Fortunately, there are only four simple, but it is important to understand the concepts, I will briefly define possible1. SYSTEMRegardless three natural properties of each system when the irrigation system, the system communication link, information or whatever, all systems have three main functions: A. The system is planned – such as water plants, communications signal, which shows consumers in throughout the country, or to produce information to use in the conduct of persons business.B. The system consists of two or more substances, which are held together by loyalty, and consistent. A link may be a water irrigation system, a microwave signal that is used for communication, or, as we shall see, the data SYSTEM.ced information. The system works well and is so predictable, how and what systems produce.All take these simple functions. None of them are by definition not the system. For our purposes, the rest of this article on “information systems”, because what usually production companies. In other words, the development organization or group of components that provide information and support decisions, especially dedicated to the company. Computer systems are used to pay for the personnel, financial management, product manufacturing, monitoring and controlling the production, development, processing of customer orders, the system etc.If, information materials, we have a good understanding of what it is. .Another information = data + processing of information does not mean that information. Raw data to produce the necessary information. Information makes no sense. There is an element to identify with that described and assessed the business object into a product of employees purchase, delivery, etc. is used FICA – – Insurance – City Taxes – Union says – (etc.) if the information is presented in a special mechanism for use in humans should be able to be on information by a formula that is used in the calculations, such as income = gross salary will be made. If a man can not act, or the basis for a decision that nothing more than raw data. This means that the data is stored and the information received. It also depends on the needs and wishes of the people (consumers) about. Information so that it can be described as “intelligence and information processing, and / or data analysis.” Another variable is the formula of “treatment” that determines how the collection, recycling and production information. This is the last resort when people need to carry out certain actions and decisions. Knowledge is not always necessary, “on demand” (aka “on demand”), you could on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, must, annually, etc., when the nuances of the hand determines the amount of data collected, stored and be retrieved. To illustrate: Suppose you collect data once per week. It does not matter how many times a week a major investigation, the data valid for the last updated once per week. In other words, we see the same results every day of the week. But if we collect the data more frequently and at regular intervals during the day, our consultations with different results week.Our formula “I = D + P” is an important point: If the data is changed, but the process is still the same, this information changes. On the contrary, if the data is unchanged, but changes in employment, information will also change. This argument leads to control and treat the data separately for the same resources that are manipulated and reused to needed.3 can produce information. Systems are logical and can be physically in different ways the information systems is to collect a series of processes (called “subsystems”) and store data or retrieve data and information, or both can be realized. The binding of these elements is the same information, and once again the whole system (and other systems). You will notice that it does not discuss how to implement best physical methods such as by manual processes, software and office technology. In other words, define, at this stage, the subsystem just what data should be processed logically, it should not enjoy, and process information (also known as “User”), but not how the subsystem should be implemented. When developers to define the right approach to the physical implementation of each subsystem. The final decision will be based on profitability and profitability. Subsystems manual processes, procedures (software), office procedures, or combinations thereof may be implemented. May be involved depending on the complexity of many sub-processes. Regardless of which mode is selected, the developers have in previous reports, enforcement proceedings, in turn, iteratively, the elections (which can be used for different paths). Definition of process in this way from beginning to end, are the developers, the definition of “work” of the subsystem that defines how the data physically (eg to create update, or a reference to.) The definition of IT systems, of course it’s makes sense for two reasons: to provide for the testing of alternative physical implementations. As you can see the developer may vary from the developer. It also provides a means to effectively determine the shape of the acquired software to meet your needs. Here too, the decision for a particular application you choose on feasibility and cost based justification .* provides hardware independence, so that the transition to the new platform. It also opens the door to the transmission network, such as helped a consulting firm, a Fortune 500 conglomerate he, a logical system of salaries, which has at least three different platforms are used in various business areas, although physically works in a different way, design, everything was the information.These same as the same production database logical and physical considerations that led to our final project ..The fourth system is a product that can be developed and manufactured like any other product. – System Level 1: The information system can be described in four hierarchies (also called “Standard Design”)
LEVEL 2 – Sub-systems (also known as “business process” known) – 2 or more
Level 3 – procedures (manual, computer, office) – 1 or more for each subsystem
Level 4 – Software (PC), and measures (all others) – one or more of each procedure is the second level of the water intake system, from general to specific (so-called “progressive refinement”, which is blue). This means that to attempt the project, from top to bottom. As designers move to finalize the decisions of the hierarchy. So much so, after completion of a project at level 4 on your computer ready to write programs to specific sources of the exact approach to programming based on. Hierarchical information system differs from all other products to illustrate common: Level 1 – Product Catalog
LEVEL 2 – Mounting – 2 or more
Level 3 – Part – 1 or more each series
Level 4 – Career – 1 or more per unit, was re-developed the product from the top down and bottom-up installed (such as conveyor belts). This process is commonly known as project “explosion” (top down) and the use of “collapse” (bottom-up). The information system is no different, because it is designed from top to bottom, tested and installed at the bottom. Technology is the concept of system / product commonly referred to as “Act Four levels of content” that defines the different parts of the system / product and each other at different levels of abstraction (general to specific) refers. This approach also suggests a parallel development. If the system for subsystems, assemblies is designed, developers can subsystems regardless of procedures, programs and resources. This is possible because all the necessary information has been found, the system is logically divided into sections. Data integrity is a relationship that makes the system works. From the perspective of the development / production of “parties” used “product”. As such, management should be transferred to a separate group of people, the same way as the “service” functions (shares) and production company. This is commonly referred to as “data”. This process allows the simultaneous development of more efficient utilization of human resources for the project before the bottleneck in the process of sequential development. Be the system (subsystems) tested and delivered to others, and because the data is managed separately, we are convinced that fit coherently into the structure of the standard of the system is also useful to manage the project end.The. First of all, it is used to describe the division of labor (PSP), the entire project with previous reports. The proposed network is evaluated and the project in part and in whole plan. For example, each subsystem can be programmed separately, and the price at the promoters of projects to decide which parts of the system they want at the beginning of the project structure of the standard system for the construction of improvements / systems changes to simplify. Instead, reflection and reconstruction of the entire system can be identified fields in the hierarchy of the system and re-designed to save time and money. The analog system is extremely reliable and is truly remarkable. Here we have the concept of time derivative of the design, production proven and use it to design and develop something much less tangible, that the data systems.CONCLUSIONWell all this are the four concepts of the theory of information systems. If I’m deliberately trying to keep this short and on topic. I also avoid showing the introduction of the mysterious words, which means that the theory of systems can be explained simply and taught so that everyone understand and apply theory it.Systems should not be more complicated than it actually .

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