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Article Marketing Guide – How to start with article marketing

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If you are completely new to Internet marketing it can be sometimes hard to know where and how to start promoting your website or some affiliate product. But that is fine because you have to start somewhere and we all were just beginners at some point.You are reading this article and this is a good indication that you have some idea where you should begin. Maybe you don’t know exactly the steps you should take but if you follow this article marketing guide you will have a good head start.Again if you are completely new and you want to start driving traffic to your website or your affiliate offer article marketing is one of the best strategies. For one it is free and it is also pretty easy to do.So first you should determine what it is that you are going to write about. And this is not hard to do because if you have a website or you are promoting some affiliate product you already know your topic because the topic is your product and that is also what you are going to write about.Now you may not have a website yet and you are just looking around then I would recommend to find some product that you are going to promote and this should be something that you like or want to learn or you already know much about and then you can begin to write about it.If you have or find a product that you know nothing or very little about then you can hire somebody to write the articles for you. Yes it is going to cost you something but it is worth it because you really want good and quality articles because that will determine the amount of traffic that is eventually going to come to your site or your offer.When you have your first article that you wrote or you had one written for you then it is time to submit your article to article directories. In this article marketing guide I recommend you submit your content to top five article directories.
Buzzle.comNow you may be wondering what kind of results you should expect if you follow this article marketing guide step by step. Are you going to get ton of traffic from your article? The answer is no. But you will get some and that is a good start. You don’t just write one article but you keep writing and the traffic will grow.You see it is a long term strategy but powerful one because your articles are going to stay out there forever. You can generate traffic from article that you wrote five years ago. The key here is persistence. You don’t want to write few articles and stop. You just keep on writing and you will see results.If you want to learn more get my FREE article marketing guide video tutorial and follow the step by step instructions and you will master article marketing.

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