3 Reasons to Get a HELOC – Fast Home Equity Lines of Credit

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Do you need extra cash to pay your child’s college expenses, or perhaps you want to remodel your home? Whatever the reason, a home equity line of credit, or HELOC is the answer. A home equity line of credit is unlike a standard loan and a mortgage refinance. Here are three reasons why you should apply for a HELOC.1. Easy Access to Fund: With a home equity line of credit, accessing money from your account is easy. In many cases, the home equity lender supplies borrowers with checks or a debit/credit card. Whenever you need extra cash for a project or emergency, simply write yourself a check or use a debit/credit card to withdraw money. The entire process is simple and convenient, and you do not have to wait days to access the money. The funds are available when you need it.2. Converts to a Fixed Rate: The majority of home equity lines of credits are adjustable rates. However, some have the option of converting to a fixed rate, which is good for persons who don’t want to deal with an interest rate increase. Before applying for a specific HELOC, inquire about the option to switch to a fixed rate. A fixed rate is desirable because adjustable home equity lines of credits do not have a rate cap. Since interest rates can change rapidly, a sudden rise will increase minimum payments.3. Long Withdraw Period: Home equity lines of credit offer a long withdraw period. Once a request for a home equity line of credit is approved, the borrower is free to draw on the account for a set period of up to 10 years. As long as the account remains in good standing, the funds are available to the homeowner. If the borrower does not repay the HELOC, the mortgage lender can terminate the line of credit early, and request full repayment

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