5 Basic Questions For Student Loan Consolidation

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In the point of view of many people, student loan bills are overwhelming and frustrating, especially when the job market is not stable at the moment. For those unemployed graduates, staring at the monthly repayment amount of each of the student bill is a stressful thing because they are unable to pay the loans without income. The immediate actions they are advised to take are to consolidate all their study loans into one single loan and defer the payment.If you are like other students who have less information about student loan consolidation program, here are some guides for you when you consult a loan consolidator in the market. There are 5 basic questions you need to ask in order to obtain a better understanding about the program. It is important for you to identify whether this program is beneficial for you or make your credit score worse.1st Question:Who is eligible for consolidation?For students or graduates who have never consolidated their study loans, they are eligible for this program. You can only consolidate loans that are under your name. As a student, you can only consolidate your loans during the grace period of the loans or after the phase of repayment has started. If you are married, you and your spouse are not allowed to combine your loans together.2nd Question:Is there any additional cost incurred if I consolidate my study loans?The process of consolidation is absolutely free. Hence, you are reminded to stay away from those consolidators who charge additional fee to consolidate your loans. In common, many consolidators also waive the prepayment penalties. If you pay back your loan ahead of the schedule, you are not required to pay any penalty.3rd Question:What is the new interest rate on your newly consolidated loan?When you decide to consolidate your student loans, it will only be beneficial if you manage to get a lower interest rate. The most ideal rate for federal consolidated loan is 6% and for private consolidated loan, the best is below 8%.4th Question:How long is the duration of my new repayment plan?If you have a very tight budget, you are suggested to check with the consolidators whether you can extend your repayment term to a longer period. If your student debts are huge, you should look for plan which allows you to extend your repayment up to 25 years.5th Question:Who is my lender?You have the freedom to consolidate your loans with any lender. The key point here is you are advised to look for reliable consolidator in the market who can really help you to reduce your monthly payment and save some money in the long run. Sign up the plan that really suits your financial needs.


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