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All company / companies have the resources to plan, so that it can be as effective as possible, the best returns for shareholders. The company may be more complicated, and if the company needs a system, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Needless to say, business turnover of millions per year, the company is a more complicated system for small businesses, but the basics of creating a good system is the same. Will be beneficial to help the reader to understand what ERP systems and how they can help us, I’ve compiled this short article.ERP wide range of activities, which helps us to get good information is key performance indicators needed to make an accurate productivity. ERP system, the ERP is the means by which information about the organization use a system created that convey information about the various departments of the company to ensure that all information is clear members of society helps. Applications are for the organization’s information management and automation of links to external factors or external. The collected data are stored in a database and communicates with various departments.By combines all aspects of the company’s unique ERP software to reduce costs and improve the efficiency and quality of work. The correct implementation of the decision can be accelerated, fewer errors, saving time and money. It helps to integrate the management, such as project management and customer relations, human resources, including personnel, equipment and materials so that each stage of the manufacturing process smoothly.Yet the proper functioning of the system, the ERP system is correct, and uses the entire society need to understand the importance of the system. The employees are in the use of ERP systems and management side of things, the process is developed further trained. This also means that the size of a thorough analysis of the company undertaken.ERP system is an advanced, is it important to note that the application forms correctly and the system for the successful implementation of a significant amount of training was on all the activities that The ERP allows performed. Once done, the benefits of a healthy system of inestimable value. Technology is always progress and improve the development of software to automate the company as a result of the need for the delivery of business information has been created. A society that does not move technology behind its competitors are still the best, rather than competition in the market .

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