50 Highest Paying Keywords 2008

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“How Can You Make Money Online Through Google AdSense?”. That’s an old question already, the fashion question now is “How Can you success to Money Online Through Google AdSense?”Google AdSense is always one of the top ads publishing that helps his ads publisher to making money online from websites or blog. Google AdSense becomes most popular since year 2000.In order to gain your extra income from pay per click ads. Basically you need to monetize your sites or blogs. Generally we call search engine optimization or SEO. Let’s say if you have a great web site, but no one knows it even exists? You have come to the right place. With the SEO mythology, you can increase traffic to your website. Here the money hinting is beganEven more, I know some people who earn online just from Google AdSense, and they build websites especially for Adsense. Here I know that they most concentrate in Top Paying Keywords.Top Paying Keywords are the keywords that pay more when someone clicks on it at your AdSense, and you get them when your site is about it. You may even get AdSense for those keywords if you posted a blog post, or a page on your site with those keywords inside the content (here it’s better if your AdSense is in the posts/pages). Here are some the 50 highest paying keywords 2008, with avg bid price from 45$-70$.student consolidation 70.25
[peritoneal mesothelioma] 69.27
federal consolidation loan 64.56
federal loan consolidation 64.56
student loan consolidation 59.97
ca lemon law 59.91
mesotheleoma 59.26
car donation 58.8
conference calling services 58.23
indiana law lemon 58.21
consolidate loan student 57.48
home equity loan rates 57.26
[mesothelioma asbestos] 57.25
refinance home loan 56.77
best consolidation loan student 56.46
call conference services 56.4
bank equity home loan one 56.07
[mesothelioma lawyers] 56.01
equity rates 55.76
credit equity home line 55.75
[mesothelioma cancer] 55.6
life insurance quotes 54.17
atlanta personal injury lawyer 53.64
consolidation debt loan 53.57
refinance home 53.28
line of credit home equity 52.3
angeles criminal defense los 51.87
term life ins 51.77
equity home 51.7
lending tree com 51.62
college loan consolidation 51.15
equity line 51.08
insurance life term 50.93
loan debt consolidation 50.87
refinance home mortgage 50.51
poor credit home loan 50.2
insurance term 49.85
home mortgage refinance 49.79
consolidations loan student 49.76
university of phoenix 49.75
equity loan 49.74
term life insurance 49.74
home equity rates 49.51
car hire alicante airport 49.29
[mesothelioma diagnosis] 49.23
loan consolidation 49.09
consolidation loan 48.77
debt consolidation credit 48.45
student loan refinancing 48.35
credit equity line 47.87

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