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A Calendar of Events Keeps Visitors Informed

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For certain types of businesses, a comprehensive, current calendar of events related to your business can encourage repeat visits. Your calendar should always be kept up to date and be of value to your readers. When someone is planning a trip to a particular destination, they are often interested in what’s going on while they are there. Sometimes a great calendar of events can encourage a visitor to stay longer.

A calendar of events can encourage a lot of repeat traffic as long as the calendar is kept current and complete. Again, you can ask people if they’d like to be notified via email when you update your calendar of events.

If you have a great calendar of events, you can encourage others to use it by providing a link to it from their Web site. This offer works well because it is win-win—you are providing them with great content that is kept current and they are providing you with traffic.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to develop your own calendar of events but one would be great content for your site, you might provide a link from your Web site to a calendar you consider top-notch. If you do this, make sure your link opens a new browser window rather than taking the visitor from your site to the referred site.

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